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About Us

SMC Building & Construction Pty Ltd is a Design & Construction Company that undertakes commercial projects in Queensland. Our company takes a long-term approach with our clients, building robust and transparent relationships whilst creating a beneficial environment for all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Self-motivated to perform and exceed expectations, our people enjoy a supportive new aged approach working environment, that allows an array of opportunities for company and personal growth. Our key focus is within the Commercial Construction Sector, where we understand the risks, challenges and unique working environments that our clients often face.

The SMC Way

Words such as “Trust, Integrity, Respect, Inclusion and Excellence” are often used by organisations to describe their values. Here at SMC we believe our values should be self-evident, and demonstrated in how we conduct ourselves on a day to day basis. For us that extends to new clients, existing clients, suppliers, contractors, each other and the greater community. 

We believe this is the best way to build long term relationships, that actions speak louder than words. Our team has been carefully selected with this in mind; to deliver in the SMC way.  


Work Life Balance

We strongly believe in a work life balance, as we understand the value of our staff and contractors well-being inside and outside of work. Our team enjoys the flexibility of this new aged approach, as a refreshed mind is proven to lead to increased productivity and a happier working environment.